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The Future of A.R.T.

April 07-08, 2022
Lugano (Switzerland)

Congress Center LAC - Lugano Arte e Cultura

(SSGG - 16 Credits)


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1st Next Fertility International joint Meeting

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April 07-08, 2022


Congress Center LAC, Lugano Arte e Cultura


1st International Hybrid Workshop: Hot Topics in Reproductive Biology

With the development of assisted reproductive technology (ART) about forty years ago, the treatment burden for male and unexplained infertility has fallen squarely on women. Balancing this burden requires revitalizing and investing in basic and clinical research on male infertility - to both improve treatment options and enable natural conception. 

In recent years, we have seen a renaissance amongst the practitioners and researchers trying to understand myriads of problems leading to male infertility. The goal of organizing this webinar is to open a scientific dialogue to broaden our understanding of internal machinery and functions of male gametes and advances in treatment of many cases of male infertility which were untreatable in the past. 

We hope that this educational initiative will contribute in a small way to the development of new therapies based on directly treating men for male infertility, which may enable less invasive treatments and even natural conception.

Reproductive Gynaecology Meeting

Infertility is a condition that concerns not only reproductive specialists but all gynecologists.

In recent years, reproductive medicine has undergone profound changes in the application and integration of the latest discoveries in the field of genetics.

The purpose of our congress is to know what innovations can be applied immediately in our clinical practice, and what the near future holds.
Participants should have answers to questions such as: are there new tests to safeguard the child's health? Are there new tests to improve spontaneous or PMA pregnancy rates? Are there new therapies or diagnostic tools in the management of infertility?

All these points will be evaluated with renowned speakers for the best clinical practice.

Workshop - The Andrologist in the IVF Center 

In many IVF Centres, an adequate (or even any) andrological assessment of the male partner of infertile couples is seldom obtained, the assumption being that only the male gamete, and not the human subject, counts to achieve oocyte fertilisation and pregnancy, regardless of the man’s health condition. “The reproductive ability of couples with severe male factor infertility may be significantly impaired without an appropriate medical or surgical management of the severe spermatogenic dysfunction; on the other hand, couples are referred to donor sperm IUI or IVF when the male partner is azoospermic, without attempting to individuate the cause and the possible medical or surgical treatment of such a condition.

Such questionable way of managing infertile couple may expose the couples to increased risk of treatment failure; in addition, since male infertility has been proposed as an independent risk factor for poor health status and early mortality, if infertile men are evaluated early in life, there is an opportunity for health assessment, counselling, and disease prevention.

Clinical training in male infertility is most commonly part of andrology training; however some urologists or endocrinologists may have little experience in the counselling and management of infertile men. The purpose of the present Workshop is, thanks to the contribution of internationally renowned Experts in the field, to provide the audience with a comprehensive and evidence-based update on the diagnosis and treatment of male infertility.



Thursday, April 7th /

1st International Hybrid Workshop: Hot Topics in Reproductive Biology

President: Ashok Agarwal (Cleveland, USA)


Opening of Webinar and Introduction / 

A. Agarwal (Cleveland)

Keynote lecture


Male Oxidative Stress Infertility (MOSI): A Hope for Patients with Idiopathic Male Infertility / 

A. Agarwal (Cleveland)

First Session

Chairman: E. Vogiatzi (Maroussi/Athens)


Semen analysis does not predict male fertility: the need for sperm functional tests / M. Sabbaghian (Tehran)


Sperm chromatin integrity and its impact on embryo quality and ART outcome / E. Evgeni (Athens)


How to select healthy sperm for ICSI in samples with high DFI / N. Garrido (Valencia)


Question and Answer / 

Moderator: R. Saleh (Sohag).

Co-Moderators: M. Gül (Konya), D. Durairajanayagam (Sungai Buloh)

Second Session

Chairman: L. Parmegiani (Bologna)


Time Lapse Embryo monitoring: does it add to standard IVF/ICSI? / A. Argyriou (Athens)


Sperm epigenome and embryo quality / 

M.G. Alves (Porto)


ICSI for non-male factor infertility: time to reappraise IVF? / S. Palini (Cattolica)


Oocytes qualitative evaluation and IVF/ICSI outcome /

M.G. Minasi (Rome, Milan)


Question and Answer /

Moderator: H. Sallam (Alexandria), S. Jindal (Meerut/Delhi)

12:30     CONCLUSION

Reproductive Gynaecology Meeting

Presidents: Marina Bellavia (Lugano) and Dominique
de Ziegler (Paris) 

12.30    Buffet Lunch


Welcome to the Audience and Introduction /

A. Came (Ausburg), A. Carbone (Valencia), A. Barlocco (Lugano), M. Bellavia (Lugano)

First Session

Chairmen: E. Taddei (Lugano), A. Santi (Locarno)


Adenomyosis: medical or surgical treatment?  /

P. Santulli (Paris)


Infertility and endometriosis: a new indication for ART / 

D. de Ziegler (Paris)


Second Session

Chairmen: L. Quintero (Valencia), M. Morris (Geneva)


Repeated implantation failures / P.Pirtea (Suresnes/Paris)


Diagnosis and treatment of chronic endometritis / 

E. Ciccinelli (Bari)


PGT: Past, Present and Future - Successes and disappointements / D. Sakkas (Boston)

16:00      Coffee Break

Third Session

Chairmen: A. Ambrosetti (Geneva), A. Raggi (Olten)


Hypothalamic Amenorrhea & PCOS in the Adolescent: Clinical Pearls for Diagnosis, Counseling and Management/ A. Biason-Lauber (Fribourg)


Obstetrical and long term risks of ART / 

A. Bisgaard Pinborg (Copenhagen)

Keynote Lecture


The Role of Microbiota in the Female and Male Fertility: from the New Evidence to the Practice /

C. Kitic (Brisbane)


Scienza e Arte del Desiderio: Composizione della nostra Umanità / (Presentation in Italian with simultaneous translation in English)

F. Bianchi-Demicheli & Thomas Dieulevent (Pianist-Geneva)

19.00      End of meeting

20:30     GALA DINNER - Hotel Splendide Royal

             Harpist: Sara Marisa Chessa

Friday, April 8th /

The Andrologist in the IVF Center

Presidents: Giovanni M.Colpi  (Lugano) and
Ettore Caroppo (Bari)

08:15      Registration


Welcome to the Audience and Introduction /

A. Came (Augsburg), A. Carbone (Valencia), A. Barlocco (Lugano), G.M. Colpi (Lugano), E. Caroppo (Bari)

First Keynote lecture

Chairman: G.M. Colpi (Lugano)


Is Andrology the Key in Solving Infertility Problem? / 

A. Giwercman (Malmö)

First Session

Chairmen: E. Caroppo (Bari), M. Sabbaghian (Tehran)


Leukocytospermia and/or Bacteriospermia in male infertility: what to do in the IVF Center /

R.T. Henkel (London)


Sperm DNA fragmentation: reliability of assays, evidence and actual implications for clinicians / 

M. Muratori (Florence)


Genetic tests: present evidence and new perspectives in understanding male infertility / C. Krausz (Florence)


Questions and Answers

11:10      Coffee Break

Second Session

Chairmen: A. Giwercman (Malmö), A. Gallina (Lugano)


The male factor in ART: beyond fertilisation /

H. Tournaye (Brussels)


Different medical treatments of the infertile male: indications, limitations and results / M. Maggi (Florence)


Varicocele in male infertility: controversies and evidence/ S. Minhas (London)


Questions and Answers

13:20      Light Lunch

Second Keynote lecture

Chairman: M. Maggi (Florence)


Male Fecundity, Life Style and Environment / 

N. Jørgensen (Copenhagen)

Third Session

Chairman: T. Turunc (Ankara)


Testis vs. Ejaculate sperm or ICSI in case of untreatable high sperm DFI: a current controversy / 

M. Arafa (Doha, Cairo)


Testis histology: a must during surgery for male

infertility ? / G. Dohle (Rotterdam)


Questions and Answers

15:50      Coffee Break

Fourth Session

Chairmen: G.M. Colpi (Lugano), E. Caroppo (Bari)


MicroTESE versus TESE in Non-Obstructive

Azoospermia / S.C. Esteves (Campinas – Aarhus)


Klinefelter Syndrome management of NOA, and ICSI outcomes in cases with positive retrieval / 

E. Bakırcioğlu (Istanbul)


Repeated microscopic sperm extraction: why, pros, cons, and outcomes / M. Balaban (Istanbul)


Questions and Answers

17:55      Conclusions and ECM

18:30     End of the Workshop

20:30     GALA DINNER - Hotel Splendide Royal

                  Pianist: Riccardo Bricchi



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